Health Webinar | Project #HowRU: A Youth Art Outreach Workshop on Mental Health & Wellbeing

13 Aug 2022 7:30 AM 1 hour 30 minutes

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About this Webinar


This is a FREE WEBINAR on Health

Schedule : Aug 13th 2022 Time: 7:30 am IST

Is this a LIVE WEBINAR : yes, this will be a live webinar

Is this an ONLINE WEBINAR : yes, you can attend this webinar online by clicking on the Button "Go To Event"

About the Speakers : 



About the Event :

Calling all youths from the ages of 15-35 years old!

Want to learn more on how to thrive in a healthy way?


Want to try out a new art experience and make meaningful connections with like-minded youths?

Join us in this Life Coaching X Art workshop and take a moment with us to destress by picking up art skills as healthy and creative coping mechanisms to process emotions and heal!


Project #HowRU is virtual a mental wellness workshop for youths (ages 15–35 years), aimed to address the growing prevalence of mental health issues amongst youths in a holistic way, through combining Life Coaching and Art as a therapy. Participants will be equipped with knowledge to increase capacity for self-awareness, focus, and empathy; balance complex emotions during times of stress; and maintain stronger and more effective relationships.

*A Complimentary Art Engagement Kit will be given to each participant!

Why #HowRU?

Through our hashtag title, #HowRU, we would like to emphasise that:

  • Sometimes we need to take a step back to rest, reflect and recalibrate, to ask ourselves, how are we really? What small steps can we take to move to a better place emotionally and mentally?
  • Caring and watching out for one another is key in fighting the battle against mental stigmas and modern stressors that lead to mental health issues. In just a simple act of asking the question, "How are you?", it signifies offering our listening ear and a willingness to care, encouraging a friend to share and to seek further professional help that they may need in difficult or stressful circumstances.

Programme Structure

The programme will generally consist of 3 segments as follows: Guest speaker sharing, quiet conversations and an art activity.

Guest Speaker Sharing

There are three speakers and three topics lined up:

  • Carol Loi (Digital Literacy Educator and Mental Toughness Coach) - Mental Resilience and Technology, and the Healthy Use of Technology.
  • Kelly Kan (Founder, Wellbeing Inside Out) - Mental Wellness and Life Coaching
  • Jenny Teo (Founder, Stigma2Strength, Singapore and Co-founder, PleaseStay. Movement) - Interpersonal Biodiversity.

*Interpersonal biodiversity is a holistic approach combining evidence-based research from scientific disciplines such as systems theory, cognitive science and psychology, with aspects of mindsight, which focuses more on awareness, reflecting and making positive changes starting from our inner thought world.

Quiet Conversations

Participants will be divided into breakout rooms (Zoom), to have smaller group discussions on topics related to mental health and wellness.

Crafting for Healthy Minds

ArtSE has curated the following three art activities for Project #HowRU:

  1. Art Journaling: We will be teaching ways to visually document your daily moods through art with colours, images, patterns and other materials in addition to writing. This visual diary is a safe and personal space to work out one’s thoughts and feelings, set goals and plan, or just to enjoy the process of creating art. This method can also aid in releasing strong emotions through visualisation when expressing with words gets tough no matter if they are happy or sad.
  2. Macramé: Macramé is a knotting technique which produces geometrical patterns using fibres such as cotton twine, hemp, leather or yarn and can be used to create a variety of jewellery and decorative items. The process of creating repeated patterns through Macramé is relaxing and aids in stress relief. You will learn to declutter their minds, focusing on the present task at hand, and replacing stressors and negative emotions with positive thoughts and affirmations.
  3. Frame Painting: Painting is well-known for its therapeutic nature in alleviating stress and negative emotions. As a beginner-friendly introduction to painting, we will be teaching participants basic painting techniques using a photo frame. One’s frame of mind (or outlook on life) can influence their approach to challenges in life. With a positive attitude and proper planning, you are more likely to enjoy the process and to successfully overcome challenges in creating their painting.

Workshop Dates:

August 13th: 10:00 - 11:30am

August 20th: 10:00 - 11:30am

August 27th: 10:00 - 11:30am