Health Webinar | Collective(s) Series: Aesthetics, Healing & Mental Health

11 Aug 2022 1:30 AM 1 hour 30 minutes

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Schedule : Aug 11th 2022 Time: 1:30 am IST

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In the past two years of unrelenting stress, our collective health and well-being have never been so sorely tested. Now it’s time to think deeply about how purposefully designed physical environments rich in aesthetic experiences can enhance our mental and physical stability.

Today, a diverse group of scientists, artists, technologists, and architects are exploring the many advantages of neuroaesthetics, bringing together scientific research and data to prove that aesthetics indeed has a positive effect on our neurobiology to explore how art, music, and color can shape our intellectual and emotional judgments. Why does one environment inspire creativity and another improve efficiency? How can aesthetic choices influence business transition and foster personal growth? Can these insights be applied to ensure that our public spaces enhance our collective experiences? What role does aesthetics play in improving physical safety or navigating emotional ambiguity? Where is the opportunity to use design to influence how we heal, how we live, and how our cognitive abilities are enhanced through exposure to new environments?

In this third dialogue of the Collective(s) Summer Series, we’re joined by Susan Magsamen, founder and Executive Director of the International Arts + Mind Lab at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. Her work lives at the intersection of brain sciences and the arts as it explores how aesthetic experiences can amplify human potential. She will be joined by New York–based architect Suchi Reddy, whose innovative, human-centric work in design improves cultural spaces and our social life, as well as Megan Jones Bell, Clinical Director of Consumer and Mental Health at Google, where she oversees the company’s efforts to address mental and behavioral health.

Their combination of skills and insights have broad appeal and applications, particularly in how we design improved spaces for care (in both home and hospital). Together we will also learn how data can substantiate the positive effects of those changes as we meet new and existing challenges in the mental health space. Join us as we reveal how neuroaesthetics can produce measurable changes that amplify our potential and improve our health and capacity for learning.

About DIALOGUE's Summer Series:

Are you a leader who influences change in your industry? Are you interested in exploring the pillars of our future society and culture through meaningful dialogue? Have you been thinking about the implications of the pandemic and the changes in how we live, how we work, and how we relate to and with one another?

The DIALOGUE Collective(s) Summer Series is a program of fireside chats highlighting the foremost thinking across sectors across five key topics:

1. Future of Care Anywhere - June 2022

2. Cities and City Centers of the Future - July 2022

3. Aesthetics, Healing & Mental Health - August 2022

4. Living: The Future of Work - August 2022

5. Digital to Physical: Engagement & Experience in Care - September 2022

Collective(s) is an invite-only, salon-based think tank bringing together the foremost thinking across sectors to help you create bigger ideas, hone your thought leadership, and grow your capacity as a leader with other brilliant minds.

This series of virtual sessions are neither a webinar or a conference, but rather a space for dialogue, each of these five, 80-min events is hosted by the DIALOGUE team and founder, Rimma Boshernitsan, and takes the form of group dialogue followed by an extended Q&A – all in an intimate environment, carefully curated to maximize engagement.

  • Be part of the conversation that looks at intersections of industries with some of the world’s top leaders; expand your thinking and influence
  • Engage your curiosity to transform your industry or create change in your organization
  • Ask questions; become a more informed leader; elevate your thought-leadership

If you’re an organizational leader in a traditional or non-traditional environment who is leading change, you won’t want to miss this.

Spaces are very limited. Please reserve your spot early. Participants can register for more than one session.


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