Technology Webinar | QiWi- A Quantum Programming Language

7 Aug 2022 7:30 PM 2 hours

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Washington DC Quantum Computing Meetup

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Schedule : Aug 7th 2022 Time: 7:30 pm IST

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Washington DC Quantum Computing Meetup


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With the ever-growing quantum community, there is a need to make quantum programming easier and more accessible for the programmers at large. Thus we propose a quantum programming language that allows for high-level abstraction and simple and intuitive syntax. While still keeping space for direct construction of circuits. Being the early days of quantum computing even the fundamental operations like add and multiply find more optimal circuits for themselves sometimes with hard to decide trade-offs. Thus a key part of our language is easy modifiability.

Qiwi also comes with a scoring mechanism built into it to decide upon the most suitable definition of overloaded functions. By pre-calculating which variables are to be reused after the current statement and should preferably persist.

Quantum values in Qiwi are stored in data types of dynamic size to save the number of lines. The language also provides various other language constructs common in classical programming like importing other files, if-statements, logical operators and many more.