Health Webinar | Caring for Mental Health in the Workplace

28 Jun 2022 7:30 PM

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Workforce Planning and Development Board

Health Expert

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Schedule : Jun 28th 2022 Time: 7:30 pm IST

Is this a LIVE WEBINAR : yes, this will be a live webinar

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Workforce Planning and Development Board


About the Event :

Featured Presenter, Bev Kobe: Executive Director and Vice President of Mission Advancement for Goodwill Industries Career Centre Ontario Great Lakes, 20+ years experience working at London Health Science Centre in the Inpatient Adolescent Mental Health/ Psychiatry division.

We gratefully welcome Bev Kobe as our featured presenter for our second session of Labour Market Information Made Easy.

While Bev, as the expert, will inform WPDB of her intended structure of this session closer to the date of June 28, the premise of this session is to dig deep into the presentation of mental health challenges in the workplace.

Mental health challenges requiring time off and/or slowing work pace doesn't fit well with the standard of work that's been engrained in most of us when we're taught how to be a “good employee."

But the truth is, mental health challenges aren't something that can just be left at your workplace "front door" in the same way we expect other hiccups in life to be. It's not just something that can take a seat on the mental back burner from 8-4:30.

The ways in which mental illness presents itself may be surprising to some, even to those who suffer with mental health challenges on a daily basis. Because many of us don't know exactly how mental illness presents itself (and realistically, it varies from person to person), we unconsciously perpetuate stigmas and can end up being unintentionally judgemental or insensitive.

Alternatively, for some people, their mental health issues present as very closely aligned with our ideas of what a hard-worker looks like. Meanwhile, this person is suffering.

We may think "this is just how I am," or "this is just how *name* is." But in truth, these "personality traits" could be presentations of mental health challenges that can be mended, but first need to be identified.

We will update this description with more information in mid-to-late May.

In the meantime, registration is open.