Jobs & Careers Webinar | #GetYourGRITOn: Shifting Careers Into The Web3/Crypto Space

23 Jun 2022 9:30 AM

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Schedule : Jun 23rd 2022 Time: 9:30 am IST

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Heard the terms ‘Web3’, ‘crypto’, or ‘blockchain’ and wanted to learn more, or what are some of the effective ways you can find your next job role in these spaces?

Your dream career in these industries isn't too far away once you know what to look for, and how you can get started on the right foot. Which makes this webinar exactly what you need!

We’ll walk you through the basics and methods, right down to trends and skills to look out for. So bring your energy, your asks, your ideas...this is a time for us to share our knowledge and experience, so we can help each other out. We'll see you there!


Sinlin Yeo, Head of Product Design @ Web3Auth

Z Wan, Product Marketing Lead @ Bybit


Kristen Lim, Web3/ Crypto Recruiter @ GRIT