Life & Lifestyle Webinar | Real Estate Insider: How interior Design Impacts buying and selling

24 Jun 2022 5:30 AM

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Schedule : Jun 24th 2022 Time: 5:30 am IST

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Buyers: Have you ever viewed listing photos, or better yet, entered a house and were immediately able to picture your family living there? Were you willing to put in a higher offer? This is what happens in real estate, especially in the current market–a beautifully decorated and designed house can garner 10%-30% more than a similarly sized house with an equally desirable location. Buyers are either unaware or unconcerned they are paying top dollar for some relatively simple finishing touches. Like arts and music, people love to have beautiful things in their lives. This is especially true when it comes to houses!

Sellers, too, can benefit from simple, yet well-considered design. They often assume that selling their home at the desired price is a matter of timing and appealing to a broad buyer pool; they overlook the fact that mindful design and decor can bring in higher and more appealing offers.

They may not know that an experienced sellers’ broker will connect them with an Interior Designer to help bring in those higher offers.

Kate Wei, Keller Williams group Real Estate agent, and Hayley Balsam Ross, founder of Hayley Balsam Ross Design, LLC, will get together on Zoom to talk about their experience of how interior design helps their clients in the Real Estate Industry.

Kate will additionally discuss how the current market fluctuates rapidly, and why sellers should prioritize selling quickly!

Join Kate and Hayley for this fun and informative talk on Thursday, June 23, 2022 at 7:00PM! Include any questions you may have about the topic in your registration.

Kate Wei (licensed as Jia Wei), Real Estate Agent, Keller Williams Realty Group

Kate Wei is a beloved real estate agent at Keller Williams Realty group in Scarsdale, New York (Westchester County). She's full of energy and excellent at digital marketing. Sellers have found her especially skillful at marketing their houses to tech-savvy Millennials and Gen-Zers, who dominate the current buyers’ market. With buyers, Kate is patient, knowledgeable, and resourceful. Buyers have found her market comp analysis knowledge to be incredibly helpful in terms of writing a strong offer. Kate has has an extensive network of connections, including real estate attorneys, accountants, brokers, financial advisors, and even school consultants. Her clients have found working with her made for smooth and stress-free real estate transactions. Kate Wei is licensed in New York State; her major market is New York City and Westchester County. Kate Wei majored in Marketing from Hofstra University and Real Estate Finance from New York University.

Hayley Balsam Ross, Founder, Hayley Balsam Ross Design, LLC

Hayley is a residential Interior Design Consultant with 10 years of industry experience, who has worked with dozens of clients. She specializes in spatial organization and decor curation, and works with both buyers and sellers. Hayley assists sellers by making easy changes that will improve the appeal to broad audiences, and helps buyers to envision flow and space usage; she decorates and furnishes new spaces by incorporating existing as well as new pieces. For sellers, she sees great value in showing a space that looks neat and airy. So, in addition to design, her offerings include decluttering and organizing to make your space feel warmer and more welcoming to everyone who views your listing or steps inside your home to take a tour! Learn more at