Technology Webinar | Queer Code | No coding/tech background needed

30 May 2022 11:30 PM 1 hour 30 minutes

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This is a FREE WEBINAR on Technology

Schedule : May 30th 2022 Time: 11:30 pm IST

Is this a LIVE WEBINAR : yes, this will be a live webinar

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About the Event :

Re-imagining and pushing towards clearer and more inclusive tech, this series aims to share, collaborate, learn, and teach LGBTQ+ folks about technology and what it means for our community. This is intended to serve a multi-disciplinary audience - you do not need a background in technology. The goal of these sessions is to learn, and share.

Each week we will look at and explore various components of technology and what that means for queer people, and begin to imagine what tech as a tool for good can mean. These sessions will be interactive and supportive. A session will start with some context-setting, after which we will get into a discussion based on the topic of the session.

  • Session 1: Que(e)rying the data - examining data through the lens of queerness; what does data miss? How does the binarisation of data limit queer people? How does data disenfranchise Black queer people and queer people of colour? How do we move from here?
  • Session 2: Queerness as a praxis for questioning - How does queerness enable us to (re)-imagine? What does queer joy in the age of late-stage capitalism look like? How can tech compliment us?
  • Session 3: TBA
  • Session 4: TBA

About the host: Kerryn (she/they) has an academic background in Philosophy and Economics, but has been working in Artificial Intelligence and Credit Risk for the last few years. Kerryn's vocational interests sit at the intersection of tech and society, with an emphasis on race, gender, and intersectionality.