Yoga Webinar | Free 45 min Yoga and Breathwork for relaxation

29 May 2022 2:00 PM 1 hour

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About this Webinar


This is a FREE WEBINAR on Yoga

Schedule : May 29th 2022 Time: 2:00 pm IST

Is this a LIVE WEBINAR : yes, this will be a live webinar

Is this an ONLINE WEBINAR : yes, you can attend this webinar online by clicking on the Button "Go To Event"

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About the Event :

Yoga combines many popular stress-reducing techniques, including breath control that will help clear your mind and relax your body. The poses will slowly help you ease any muscle, joint or back pain and also help release pent up emotions and stress. Doing yoga and breathwork will promote the release of mood-boosting endorphins, the feel-good hormones that can make you feel happier and also affect how you handle stress.

Come join us in this journey of self discovery and get your Spark On!


- Wear comfortable clothing

- Bring your yoga mat

- Refrain from eating 60 mins before the session

- Join the meeting on Zoom 5 minutes before the session and check your audio and video

- Keep your mobile and other distractions away

Note: *Video is required to be on for all participants during the entire session.