Health Webinar | Therapist-Led Workshop: Exploring our Mental Health in the Outdoors

27 May 2022 7:30 AM

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Schedule : May 27th 2022 Time: 7:30 am IST

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As adventurers, we love the feeling of getting out of our comfort zone. But sometimes, we risk pushing ourselves (or our friends) too far. How can we access the thrill of coming up against our limits without reinforcing or triggering painful thoughts or deep-seeded anxieties? Join us in this workshop with Grizel Williams (she/her), licensed therapist and seasoned adventurer, to learn how you can keep your mental health front-and-center while you get out and explore.

Through this workshop, you will learn how past traumas and old thought patterns may be impacting you or your adventure partners as you navigate situations in the outdoors. You’ll learn how trauma impacts the brain, and how to move through stressful or triggering situations that come up. You’ll be equipped with skills to support yourself and your partners, and approach your outdoor goals with the safety of your mental health in mind.

About Grizel: Grizel is Dominican/Cuban American (she/her/hers) who has a difficult time sharing an "about me," or any form of bio because although she identifies as a musician, outdoor lover, backpacker, cyclist, therapist, mental health advocate, writer, speaker, and marketing strategist, she identifies most as a human being doing her very best to amplify mental health, as well as destigmatize mental health illnesses in hopes that more and more people will get the resources they need to live their life without fear or shame.

Grizel has been featured on a variety of platforms in both the mental health and outdoor space, including Outside Magazine, REI Co-op Journal, Blue Ridge Magazine, She Explores, Backcountry, American Foundation of Suicide Prevention, Talkspace, and more.

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