Life & Lifestyle Webinar | Q & A with Bill Hershey for upcoming Ayur. Business Lifestyle Design Course

24 May 2022 6:30 AM 1 hour

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California Association of Ayurvedic Medicine

Life & Lifestyle Expert

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Schedule : May 24th 2022 Time: 6:30 am IST

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California Association of Ayurvedic Medicine


About the Event :

Bill Hershey helps Functional Health Entrepreneurs (like you!) avoid burnout by improving cash flow & building their vision so that they can thrive in doing what they love.

Bill teaches business and finance fundamentals both nationally and internationally through professional organizations, institutions and CE course platforms. He also offers strategy and coaching services for healing arts professionals who are committed to making an impact in their communities.

Join us for this evenings question and answer session so you can decide how this program can help you build a thriving practice.

Check out the course description here: Bill Hershey's 4 month Business Course for Ayurvedic Professionals