Life & Lifestyle Webinar | Interior Design Certificate Info Session

18 May 2022 6:30 AM 1 hour

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Otis College Extension

Life & Lifestyle Expert

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Schedule : May 18th 2022 Time: 6:30 am IST

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Otis College Extension


About the Event :

Get to know Otis Extension's Interior Design Certificate! Join us and learn more about this practical and cost effective program that prepares you to start your career, make a career change, or enhance your art, design, and/or teaching skills.

Ask questions, connect with our guests, see student work, and more!

Attendees who apply to a certificate program by 5/24/22 will have the $185 application fee waived. More info will be provided at the Info Session.

Special Guests:

Salvatore Leonardi, Instructor

Rachel Freeman, Extension Department Program Advisor


6:00pm - 6:30pm: Welcome and Certificate Program Introduction

6:30pm - 7:00pm: Instructor Meet and Greet

The Interior Design Certificate Program is geared for the adult learner and is designed to meet professional industry standards. Study begins with the development of an understanding of foundational design theory and leads to a translation of that knowledge into practical interior design requirements. The program is intended to prepare students for an entry-level position as an interior designer or decorator.

Note: The Photography Certificate, and Surface Design Certificate will also be represented at this event.