Health Webinar | Using Mental Fitness to Boost Wellbeing and Performance

26 Jan 2022 5:30 PM 1 hour

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Kristian Lees-Bell

Health Expert

About this Webinar


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Schedule : Jan 26th 2022 Time: 5:30 pm IST

Is this a LIVE WEBINAR : yes, this will be a live webinar

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About the Speakers : 

Kristian Lees-Bell


About the Event :

This introductory webinar presentation explains how the concept of Mental Fitness can help people and organisations normalise mental health conversations and provide a simple framework to boost wellbeing and performance at home or at work.

This month we have a very special guest - ex-Olympian diver and presenter Leon Taylor (see his bio below)

The webinar (delivered on Zoom) presents a simple 4 part framework informed by the research of Psychologist Paula Robinson, and is based on evidence-based theory and strategies from Posiitve Psychology, Social Learning Theory, Emotional Regulation, Resiliency, Self-Deternmination Theory (SDT) , and attention and awareness theories (i.e mindfulness).

Topics covered on this webinar:

  • What is Mental Fitness and why is it important
  • The benefits of having good vs poor mental fitness
  • Why talking about Mental Fitness as opposed to Mental Health is often more helpful
  • How Mental Fitness being applied in organisations and teams around the world.
  • A simple 4 part framework to guide mental health and wellbeing conversation
  • At the end of the webinar, Kristian will explain how specifially he helps organisations with mental fitness and how you can find out more.

About the presenter:

Kristian Lees-Bell is a Business psychologist, therapist and executive coach who helps managers and employees identify their blind-spots and derailers, overcome their mental barriers, and move past limiting beliefs, so they can be happier and more effective at work.

Kristian’s interest in psychology and self-development started over 15 years ago after discovering how hypnosis and performance psychology techniques could help him severe overcome stage fright as a singer.

Kristian is currently developing programmes to help sales and customer service professionals increase their mental fitness and ability to sustain high performance and well-being under pressure and organisational change.

Special Guest for January- Leon Taylor

Leon Taylor is a British former competitive diver. During his diving career he won medals at all major international events including a silver at the Athens Olympics. Following his retirement from competition, Leon now speaks about mental wellness, and commentates for the BBC.

Leon is also co-founder and one of Kristian's colleagues at Adeki, a Stress Management and Executive Coaching consultancy.

Read about Adeki

What others have said about Kristian's Mental Fitness training:

'The presenter was really informative and had a lot of really helpful information and exercises' (probably one of the most helpful seminars I've attended to do with mental health)

'Loved the session think it would be good to focus on some of the points that we could maybe cascade to our wider teams''

I really liked the webinar format, it makes it really comfortable to not have to be seen on camera and just to listen and learn for me in particular I can concentrate much better that way! I found it really relatable to my job role which is helpful to be able to improve myself moving forwards rather than generalised examples which can sometimes be difficult to relate to. Thanks so much!

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