Technology Webinar | Challenger ECR Seminar: Effective oceanographic data analysis with Python

25 Jan 2022 3:30 PM 1 hour 30 minutes

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Challenger Society for Marine Science

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Schedule : Jan 25th 2022 Time: 3:30 pm IST

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Challenger Society for Marine Science


About the Event :

Applying effective data analysis principles can boost your scientific productivity and lead to a more satisfying work experience. In this introductory seminar we will demonstrate these principles for an oceanographic workflow. We will cover directory structure and data flow, managing software dependencies, creating interactive visualisations and state-of-the-art libraries for analysing oceanographic data. We will support users of Linux, Windows and Mac OS. We will provide videos showing how to install the required software in advance. Basic knowledge of using python is useful but not essential.


Liam Brannigan did a PhD in physical oceanography at Oxford University along with postdocs at the National Oceanography Centre and the Meteorology Institute at Stockholm University. In recent years he has worked as Lead Data Scientist at Analytics Engines before founding his own company Rho-Signal to deliver data analysis consultancy and training.

D. Gwyn Evans is a Physical Oceanographer at the National Oceanography Centre Southampton (NOCS). He did his PhD at the University of Southampton, followed by postdocs at the University of Southampton and NOCS. Prior to his PhD, Gwyn worked as a research specialist at the Bermuda Atlantic Time-series study developing CTD data processing software

This event is organised by the Challenger Society for Marine Science as part of the Early Career Seminar Series 2022.