Jobs & Careers Webinar | Webinar: Jobs to be Done: Research Framework Ep. 2 by Amazon Principal PM

15 Jan 2022 3:30 AM 30 minutes

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Product School

Product Management Expert

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Schedule : Jan 15th 2022 Time: 3:30 am IST

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Product School


About the Event :

As a Product Manager, you’re responsible for delivering products and features that both delight customers and move the company closer to its top-line metrics. However, how do you know whether the individual features you ship each sprint or each quarter are successful? We've got answers to this and more just for you!

Main Takeaways:

  • Design Thinking 101 and success stories
  • Process of Design Thinking
  • Generating Think Big ideas from Design Thinking

Meet the Speaker: Sudeeptha Jothiprakash