Technology Webinar | Building and scoring Python models

19 Oct 2021 5:30 PM 1 hour

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IBM Developer Europe

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Schedule : Oct 19th 2021 Time: 5:30 pm IST

Is this a LIVE WEBINAR : yes, this will be a live webinar

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IBM Developer Europe


About the Event :

Are you looking to accelerate the development of new apps, leveraging ML and AI? And cut your runtimes from hours to minutes? Regardless whether the data is on-premises or on public cloud? In this session, discover how to leverage in-database processing to build and score Python models.

What will you learn:

  • How Python notebooks can be run with an advanced data warehouse and analytics platform
  • Benefits of building and scoring Python models in a data warehouse
  • Live demo of Python models running in Netezza, with access to data virtualisation and governance

Netezza Performance Server takes data from many sources and store current and historical data in an enterprise data warehouse so it can be used for reporting, analysis, and better decision-making. It can process huge amounts of data and run large jobs that can return results in seconds, rather than hours or days

Who should attend: developers, data scientists, data warehouse experts, IT architects

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