Webinar | The Real Covid – Let the people speak

4 Sep 2021 3:30 PM 2 hours

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Zero Covid Scotland


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Schedule : Sep 4th 2021 Time: 3:30 pm IST

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Zero Covid Scotland


About the Event :

We will be hearing from people who have been at the frontline of experiencing the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic in Scotland. How have their experiences been impacted by the way the Scottish government and employers have responded to the pandemic?

Speakers will be covering an update on the pandemic, disability, job difficulties for younger people, LGBT issues, Long Covid, Long Covid in young people, mental distress, the NHS, safe schools, and workplace health and safety.

The intention is that while "big names” and politicians may form part of the audience, this is an event at which real people will do the speaking, all with the intention of building a grass roots campaign that will help make our voices heard.