Motivation Webinar | Mastering Motivation Workshop

17 Aug 2021 5:00 PM 2 hours

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Sutton Uplift

Covid 19 Expert

About this Webinar


This is a FREE WEBINAR on Motivation

Schedule : Aug 17th 2021 Time: 5:00 pm IST

Is this a LIVE WEBINAR : yes, this will be a live webinar

Is this an ONLINE WEBINAR : yes, you can attend this webinar online by clicking on the Button "Go To Event"

About the Speakers : 

Sutton Uplift


About the Event :

This fun and inspiring online workshop focuses on personal development, increasing motivation and ways to reach and realise your full potential. With the idea that humans can experience an exceptional quality of life filled with happiness, creativity and fulfilment when they strive to reach their potential, we will explore how pursuing your personal goals can be a motivating and inspiring endeavour!

This wellbeing workshop is delivered online via Microsoft Team and is free for all residents of the Sutton Borough or those registered with a Sutton GP who are over the age of 18. Our Wellbeing team is focused entirely on improving the emotional, physical, spiritual and overall wellbeing of the residents of Sutton. We want to work towards providing a more inclusive and socially adapted service for the borough whilst lowering the stigma and discrimination attached to mental health & wellbeing and the services that exist to support these areas of our lives.

By learning about mastering motivation in a confidential setting this wellbeing workshops aims to help you understand more about overcoming barriers, becoming comfortable interacting with others and finding solutions, techniques and learning practical skills to help you improve your own Wellbeing.

Prior to the workshop you will be asked to complete a short questionnaire aimed at ensuring we offer you all the support you require. If you have queries regarding this, please speak to the Practitioner at the start of the session.

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Alternatively call the service on 0203 513 4044 or freephone: 0800 032 1411

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**The information you give us to register for this workshop remains confidential and is used to ensure attendees are registered with a Sutton GP or have an address within the Sutton Borough. The Information is held securely and is not shared. However, if we believe there is a risk to yourself or others, or if you disclose you have been involved in or been a victim of serious crime, we may share information with relevant services (for example, your GP or police). Should you have any queries regarding registering for this workshop please call our service on 0800 032 1411 / 0203 513 4044 to speak to a Wellbeing Team member.