Entrepreneurship Webinar | B-CONNECTED Event DAY 2: Careers & Entrepreneurship

17 Apr 2021 10:00 PM 2 hours

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One Heritage

Entrepreneurship Expert

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This is a FREE WEBINAR on Entrepreneurship

Schedule : Apr 17th 2021 Time: 10:00 pm IST

Is this a LIVE WEBINAR : yes, this will be a live webinar

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One Heritage


About the Event :

Welcome back to Day 2 of our B-Connected Event!

Saturday 17th April 2021, 17:30-19:30 (BST)

Today Dr Terri Holloway will be sharing her career insights and the work she does with the Ingenuity Lab here at Nottingham.

Lynn Abhulimen is a representative from the BYP Network who will be sharing her own career insights and how students can engage with the opportunities offered to them by the BYP Network both during and after graduating university.

Dr Nalayini Thambar is the Director of the Careers and Employability Service here at the University of Nottingham. She will be sharing her own career insights and the range of expertise and support offered by the careers service to all students past and present.