Health Webinar | Nutrition's Impact on Good Mental Health

17 Apr 2021 8:00 PM 1 hour

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Whole Health Nutrition Center

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Schedule : Apr 17th 2021 Time: 8:00 pm IST

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Whole Health Nutrition Center


About the Event :

About this Event

Aaron Lambert is the owner and lead practitioner of Whole Health Nutrition Center. He holds his Masters of Science in Applied Clinical Nutrition and is a Certified Nutrition Educator. As a Nutrition Response Testing practitioner with over 12 years of experience helping families make lifestyle changes to improve their physical and mental wellness Aaron knows how to use nutrition to impact stress, anxiety, depression and even ADHD. Aaron knows the impact these mental health issues can have on quality of life and how to use nutrition to relieve and support he whole individual.

In this participatory talk , Aaron will guide you through some key aspects of a brain-friendly diet and lifestyle. From the role of your digestive system, hormones, and different foods, as well as sleep and exercise, Aaron will explain how these all impact our mental health. This discussion is moderated and there will be time for questions and answers.

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