Health Webinar | Positive mental health and wellbeing during COVID19 pandemic

10 Apr 2021 7:00 PM 1 hour 30 minutes

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Foj Ministry

Health Expert

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Schedule : Apr 10th 2021 Time: 7:00 pm IST

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Foj Ministry


About the Event :

The coronavirus pandemic is having an impact on everyone’s lives. Different groups of people are also experiencing the pandemic and the lockdown differently. People may feel frustrated, lonely, worried, anxious or concerned about their loved ones. People may also feel concerned about the economic impact and how this affects jobs, business and finances. One area of concern is the impact of the pandemic on mental health and how this is affecting some groups more than the other.

Good mental health and wellbeing is an asset and is also linked to good physical health which support positive social and economic outcomes. Poor mental health is associated with adverse social and economic circumstances, including poverty, unemployment and housing problems. Foj ministry has organised this seminar to promote positive mental health and wellbeing and help people cope well during the pandemic and beyond.