Health Webinar | Mental Wellness Conference: Courageous Conversations About Mental Health

10 Apr 2021 9:30 PM 45 minutes

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Rediscovering You

Health Expert

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Schedule : Apr 10th 2021 Time: 9:30 pm IST

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Rediscovering You


About the Event :

"Attendees will learn ways to talk about mental health with their families in an organic way: 1: How to approach mental health when they notice something wrong. 2: Tips and skills to encourage not shying away from those tough conversations. 3: Normalizing embracing emotional connection among family members. 4: Structure and Boundary setting with the goal of embracing relationships within the family. All of these goals and objectives are to work towards being proactive around mental health, hold mental health well within the home and to set families up for success when life gets hard." ~ Emily Sterk