Health Webinar | World Mental Health Day! Fit Mind, Fit Body

7 Apr 2021 9:30 PM 1 hour

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Illuminations, JLT

Health Expert

About this Webinar


This is a FREE WEBINAR on Health

Schedule : Apr 7th 2021 Time: 9:30 pm IST

Is this a LIVE WEBINAR : yes, this will be a live webinar

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About the Speakers : 

Illuminations, JLT


About the Event :

Dates and Timings: April 7th, 2021 | 8:00 pm – 9:00 pm (UAE Timing)

Investment: Free

Venue: Online

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About The Webinar:

Your mind, body, and energy are intangibly connected and profoundly influence every aspect of your daily life – physical, mental, and emotional capacity. Adopting a holistic approach to life and health allows one to increase their energy levels, live naturally, and be healthier, which results in better performance and productivity.

The Mind is the most powerful tool given to mankind. More often than not, we allow the mind to work against us, rather than for our benefit. Due to various challenges, stressors, and learned behavior from negative influences, we create our own self-imposed limitations, which have been set on autopilot in our attitudes, behavior patterns, and beliefs.

This webinar is designed to tap into the power of our infinite dormant potential, thus allowing us to break the barriers of limiting beliefs such as Physical & Somatic Illnesses, Mental Blocks & Emotional Triggers, and Reprogram Negative Thoughts, and align them with our most empowering potential.

Key Deliverables:

• Deep Insight into the Mind-Body Connection

• Understanding our 4 levels of Existence and How Each Level Affects the Others

• Understand How Our Thoughts Create Stress & Disease

• Understanding Body Syndromes – Listening To The Body

About Arpita Mitra Gupta:

Arpita is a Hypnotherapist and Mind Science Specialist at Illuminations Well-being Center dedicated to assisting her clients to uncover their hidden blocks and patterns that are deeply embedded in their subconscious minds. She focuses on deep healing techniques that empower her clients to be free to choose and embrace a life that they aspire towards.