Health Webinar | Black Mental Health Conference - Part II

8 Mar 2021 3:30 AM 4 hours

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Africa Centre

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About this Webinar


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Schedule : Mar 8th 2021 Time: 3:30 am IST

Is this a LIVE WEBINAR : yes, this will be a live webinar

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About the Speakers : 

Africa Centre


About the Event :

On behalf of Africa Centre, we welcome you to the first annual Black Mental Health Conference!

Join us for the second day of our conference as our speakers share their insights and expertise on Mental health in the Black community and the resources available. Speakers will cover a range of topics that include family dynamics, the effects of trauma on mental health, among others.

3:00 - Arrivals/Housekeeping

3:40 - Dr. Bukola Salami (Mental Health of Immigrants in Canada)

4:10 - Natasha Darko & Guests (IMARA Generation Project: Addressing Anti-Black Racism in Mental Health).

4:25 - Yawa Idi and Nife Ajayi (YEGTHECOMEUP's findings on Black Mental Health)

5:00 - Dr. Regine King (The University of Calgary, Faculty of Social Work)

5:30 - Simone Saunders (Impact of trauma on the black community)

5:50 - Joy Gihana (Mental Heath with Families)

6:20 - Regine Oppon (Rehoboth Alliance).

About the Mental Health Program

ArTeMo project is an alternative collaborative approach to promoting mental health among Black Canadian youth and their families in Edmonton and Calgary to improve their psychological, emotional, and social well-being.

We create awareness, understanding, and acknowledgment that various factors affect our community in different ways, and provide tools & strategies to assist our communities to address barriers to the Mental Health & Wellbeing of Black Canadians.

The ArTeMo Project engages diverse Black youth and their families to improve overall mental well-being, including the empowerment of Black Canadians who identify as 2LGBTQS+.

Please note this event will be recorded.

About The Africa Centre

Council of Advancement of African Canadians in Alberta (CAAC) operating as “Africa Centre” is a charitable organization based in the most northern city of the global north. Using a Pan-African approach, Africa Centre works with diverse communities of African descent in Alberta. The organization strives to bring African diversity of heritage, culture, and contributions to building a stronger community in Alberta, Canada. Our mandate is to create a thriving community with full participation in all aspects of life while maintaining cultural and heritage attributions of African identity. The Centre strives to deliver this mandate through community engagement, empowerment, preservation of traditions, and cultural heritage.

Note: The information gathered from this event may be used to provide various services to support Black Youth in the future. Your name will not be released at any time, and if you wish not to provide information, you may inform the moderators at any time through the event.

Event's from this project are funded by the Public Health Agency of Canada.