Covid 19 Webinar | Scotland-Malawi Covid-19 Coordination Meeting 13

23 Feb 2021 6:30 PM 1 hour 30 minutes

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Scotland Malawi Partnership

Covid 19 Expert

About this Webinar


This is a FREE WEBINAR on Covid 19

Schedule : Feb 23rd 2021 Time: 6:30 pm IST

Is this a LIVE WEBINAR : yes, this will be a live webinar

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About the Speakers : 

Scotland Malawi Partnership


About the Event :

  • Tuesday 23rd February 2021
  • 1 - 2.30pm UK time / 3 – 4.30pm Malawi time
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We are still working up the agenda for this meeting and, in booking a place, you are able to suggest key topics to explore.

The meeting will include updates on:

  • The latest covid-19 situation in Malawi, with updates from across Malawi.
  • The Scotland-Malawi Oxygen Taskforce, looking at how best we can support oxygen supply in Malawi.
  • Updates on new and existing fundraising appeals, and information about how you can assist.
  • Sharing and collaboration between Covid Scotland-Malawi initiatives.
  • Updates on our work lobbying for expedited and equitable access to Covid vaccines in Malawi.

Further information to be added to this page as speakers/agenda are confirmed but we are keen to be led by the asks of our members and partners, and the developing situation in Malawi.

For more information about our last (11th) Covid Coordination meeting, with the Minister of Health, CLICK HERE. Pasted below are the actions being taken forward from that meeting.


The SMP, with the Holyrood Malawi CPG and the Westminster Malawi APPG, committed to the below:

1 Practical support as Malawi fights Covid:

1.1 We will raise awareness of Malawi’s Covid-19 priorities highlighted in the meeting, including by the Minister of Health, and encourage members support their Malawian partner communities in these areas:

(i) Increasing healthcare capacity and protecting healthcare staff;

(ii) Increasing access to, and use of, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE);

(iii) Increasing sustainable oxygen production;

(iv) Supporting mental health;

(v) Increasing civic information and combating misinformation.

1.2 We will look to influence the UK and Scottish governments, and other prospective funders, to increase support in these priority areas.

1.3 We will promote and support a range of Malawi Covid appeals, including those of our members.

1.4 We will specifically look at the issue of sustainable oxygen generation. If there is uptake/buy-in, we will quickly establish a Scotland-Malawi Oxygen Taskforce (SMOT) to harness the expertise across our network. The Taskforce will have two working groups: a Technical Working Group of medical experts in Scotland and Malawi to propose, plan and then manage an intervention which would help increase Malawi’s sustainable oxygen generation, and a Fundraising Working Group to manage an appeal amongst partners and the public.

2 Two-way sharing of information and learning:

2.1 We will host regular (every 4-6 weeks) Scotland-Malawi Covid Coordination meetings, as we did through March-Oct 2020, to listen to Malawian priorities, share information between members, build new collaborations and mobilize the network in support of Malawi’s Covid response. These will include specific areas of focus including: PPE, mental health, civic education, etc.

3 Advocacy for timely and equitable vaccines:

3.1 We will use the all-party political and public support that exists for the Scotland-Malawi friendship to lobby the UK Government to support increased and expedited Covid vaccine access in Malawi, specifically asking the Prime Minister for:

  • Support for the proposal from South Africa and India at the World Trade Organisation for a “Waiver from certain provisions of the Agreement on Trade Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS) for the prevention, containment and treatment of COVID-19”. This proposal is supported by 100 developing countries, including Malawi, and currently opposed by nine countries, including the UK. We see this as morally indefensible.
  • Support for the urgent delivery of the COVAX programme, fighting for equitable global distribution such that vaccines can be made available in Malawi in weeks, not years.
  • Support for the WHO’s COVID-19 Technology Access Pool (C-TAP), a mechanism that can help foster global sharing and collaboration of expertise

3.2 We will use our Covid Coordination Zoom meetings to share information and updates with the network about Malawi’s best route to vaccine access, mobilising members to themselves lobby for urgent action.