Health Webinar | Native Technologies Series: The Nervous System + Mental Health

24 Feb 2021 5:00 AM 1 hour 30 minutes

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Cincinnati Learning Collaborative

Health Expert

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Schedule : Feb 24th 2021 Time: 5:00 am IST

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Cincinnati Learning Collaborative


About the Event :

Our Native Technology Series seeks to educate on plain-sight tools WITHIN us whose primary function is to optimize our Mental + Physical capacities AND warn us when something is awry. We take the “woo” out of self-awareness and fully engage with the science of what our native technologies can (and were designed) to do.

This Open Learning Forum is a deeper-dive into the Autonomic Nervous System + what’s really going on in our bodies as we perceive the world around us. We will unpack the physiology of what a Sympathetic (reactive state) + Parasympathetic state (relaxed state) illicit in our body and learn ways to mindfully adapt towards a more centered headspace + balanced internal atmosphere.

There are no shortages of supplements, methods, pharmaceuticals + therapies in the world of whole-body health, wellness, fitness—yet one essential, almost-always overlooked, is education on how our bodies function. Unless you are a practitioner, specializing in the Human Body, your last class on Anatomy or Physiology happened never or a long time ago. We’ve handed over our body awareness and internal health to the docs and are missing an opportunity to have a physical and/or mental exam everyday to deepen our awareness of self. (And concisely inform our doctors of all observable trends in our health that increases the efficacy of their treatments.)

Part I: What is the ANS? Why should I know about this Native Technology?

Part II: Sympathetic State + Parasympathetic State—Why are they paramount to my Health?

Part III: A Series of Exercises that promote a Healthier State

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