Health Webinar | Discussion: The importance of mental health in the workplace

23 Feb 2021 9:30 PM 1 hour

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Schedule : Feb 23rd 2021 Time: 9:30 pm IST

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Trade Decorator


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Mental Health Awareness Event:

This live interview will focus on the increasingly important issue of mental health in the workplace. We will hear from Martin Lockham, who represents Mates in Mind, a charity that enables organisations, of any size, to improve their workforce's mental health, and Rick Bow Lusher a self-employed painter and decorator of 30 years, who has launched his own mental health Facebook forum called SOUL, after battling with his own personal mental health struggles.

After a mental breakdown, Rick went down the self-help route and truly believes the teachings have transformed the way he looks at life and as a result his depression and anxiety nowadays is very minimal. He says it helped him to continue to work and produce the work he knows he is capable of.

Rick described his light bulb moment where he thought, “If I can help myself out of trouble then I can help others too” leading him to build his group SOUL, (an acronym for Support Others and Understand Life) and share what he’s learned for the benefit of others going through the same thing. “Mindset is everything, I believe with a little guidance in the right direction it’s possible to live the life you desire”.

Together in this session, we will explore how businesses can better support their employee’s mental health, including issues around raising awareness, how to recognise mental health issues such as anxiety, depression and loneliness, and discuss how to address the stigma around mental health.