Health Webinar | How to Support Your Family's Mental Health Naturally

22 Jan 2021 8:30 AM 1 hour

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Suzette Parker

Health Expert

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Schedule : Jan 22nd 2021 Time: 8:30 am IST

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Suzette Parker


About the Event :

Emotions out of control? You're not alone! Reports of anger induced violence, depression and suicides have increased. Clearly, our mental health has taken a beating!

You don't need a diagnosis to know you need help.

Used for thousands of years, and referenced almost 200 times in the Bible, essential oils have power that modern science and medical professionals are just beginning to understand. Pure, unadulterated essential oils are safe, powerful and have few side effects.

No prescription required*

For emotional balance, a more harmonious home and a happier 2021, learn how to increase your body's positive frequency by changing the negative pathways in your brain.

Or maybe it's your kids or partner who are struggling. Invite them to join us, or if they are resistant to new things, we'll show you how to get around that obstacle!

If these words hit close to home . . .

•Depressed •Sad •Angry •Temperamental •Moody •Disagreeable •Critical •Self-critical •Unworthy •Unloveable •Lazy •Lethargic •Unmotivated • Afraid •Paranoid •Entitled •Self-righteous •Tunnel Vision •Lack of Empathy •Difficulty Concentrating •Failure to Understand

Join us!

We'll laugh, we'll cry and we'll try to focus, haha, as we learn why essential oils work and how to use them!

When: Thursday January 21st at 7pm Pacific Time

Where: ZOOM – the link will be sent after you register. Watch for an email from:

Register and attend and you might WIN a bottle of Orange Essential Oil!

*Always consult your doctor before changing prescribed protocols.